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Animal Welfare and Behaviour Surrey

AWBS is a student clinical club set up to promote the importance of animal welfare and behaviour in veterinary and para-veterinary education. Our aim is to encourage future veterinary professionals to always consider animal welfare and behaviour when practicing, especially the impact they can have when these things are not taken into account. We aim to make the University of Surrey a leader in welfare and behaviour education.

We hope to do this in various ways such as putting on talks and discussion forums amongst other things. You don't have to be a vet student to get involved as long as you have an interest in Veterinary welfare and behaviour.

If you are interested in welfare and behaviour then do go and like our Facebook page and then you will find out about what we're up to and most importantly hear about any exciting events we have coming up.

You can also email us at or send us a message via the Facebook page. We are always happy to hear suggestions for talks or discussion that you'd like to see put on and if you'd like to get involved then do let us know.

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Equine Clinical Club

The University of Surrey’s Equine Clinical Club is a student led academic group offering extra-curricular seminars and activities for those with an interest in equine veterinary medicine. The club’s aim is to complement existing knowledge by introducing additional topics, or a deeper insight into taught subject areas. Collaborations include Liphook Equine Hospital and the British Equine Veterinary Association, and we look forward to many more that are currently in the process of being organised. Please like our Facebook page to keep up to date with events, and feel free to join us for fun and informative events - which more often than not include free pizza!

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Surrey Veterinary Pathology Society

The Surrey Veterinary Pathology Society (SVPS) is a student-led academic group for veterinary students with a keen interest in pathology, which offers talks by our pathologists and visiting specialists, external trips to our partner practices and wet dissection practicals. 

The study of pathology is at the heart of Surrey Vet School with a multidisciplinary team including veterinary surgeons, immunologists, virologists, microbiologists and pathologists conducting research into multiple facets of the subject area, as well as providing private post mortem, surveillance post mortem and histopathology services.

Our aim is to initiate and cultivate a body of well-rounded globally-minded innovative veterinary students with a passion for pathology, who understand the important role this discipline plays in almost all aspects of the veterinary profession including emerging disease, zoonoses and public health, as well as the importance and relevance of a One Health approach in this field.

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Surrey Vet Choir

The Surrey Vet Choir has been running since September 2015 and is a small choir made up of vet students and staff (and anyone else who's interested in joining and can get to the vet school on a Tuesday night). We don't audition members and you don't need to read music to be able to join the choir, just enjoy having a good sing. We sing a wide variety of music from classical choral music to modern pop songs - so there's something for everyone.

We rehearse on Tuesday evenings at 5:15pm in Lecture Theatre 2 at the vet school main building so please feel free to come along and join us. If you would like more information then please join the facebook page. 

Surrey Farm Animal Clinical Club

The University of Surrey's Farm Animal Clinical Club is a student-led, academic group that aim's to keep you up to date on current farming affairs, from across the main livestock species. We hope to run a handful of sessions throughout the year. Including practicals, guests speakers and online discussions on current and popular topics, catering for all abilities and interests. We'd also like to provide you with top tips for all your farm AHEMS and create a networking area for EMS contacts. 

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Companion Animal Clinical Club

The CACC is a student led academic group, set up with the aim to provide Surrey’s veterinary students with vital knowledge and hands-on clinical experience targeted towards companion animal veterinary medicine. The club aims to encourage students to develop key practical skills, essential for day one clinical practice within a supportive, peer driven environment. 

One aspect of the CACC is our highly anticipated Journal Club which aims to encourage students to expand knowledge obtained in lectures. This will encourage students to learn about new and upcoming breakthroughs in veterinary medicine, then come together as a peer group and share ideas and opinions on the topic. We also hope to invite published authors to participate in these open discussions, which will allow our members to learn first hand from some of the very top experts in their fields. 

The club also has links with the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA), Royal Canin, Hills and will work in close collaboration with all other clinical clubs to provide lectures and teaching on a wide variety of topics; including evidence based veterinary medicine, nutrition, essential practical skills, emergency and critical care, and lots more exciting areas of small animal medicine.

With the majority of newly graduated vets entering the world of small animal practice, we feel that our club will be a vital component in mentoring the new generation of companion animal clinicians. 

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University of Surrey Zoological Society

The University of Surrey Zoological Society encompasses both British and National wildlife and their conservation. We will be organising exciting lectures with experts in these fields and interactive workshops to spread the understanding of veterinary treatment in this field.

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Surrey Vet School Football Club

SVSFC is a very active, friendly, and social student-led football club that welcomes any vets and biovets (males and females) regardless of their footballing ability and skills. Established in February 2016 by Mateus (president), this club was set up to meet the interest of students to take part in regular sporting activity without the commitment and high skill level demanded by the sports clubs from the university.

As the first vet sports club to be created, we are happy to have helped inspire other students to develop more vet sports teams, for example netball. We train once a week at the Surrey Sports Park, and play competitively on the Sunday intramural football league as well on the Vet Varsity between RVC and Surrey. In addition, we are officially sponsored by Royal Canin with whom we are proud to promote small animal nutrition by organising and hosting at least one nutrition talk per year.

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Surrey Vet School Netball Club

The Surrey VetSoc Netball Club is open to all abilities and genders.  Training: Sundays 19:00-20:00, SSP outdoor netball courts 3&4 (tennis courts 6-8)

Intramural league matches: Thursday evenings, time and place TBA

Membership: £12.50

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Surrey VetSoc Yoga

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Surey VetSoc Hockey

This group is for anyone interested in the small-sided and/or intramural hockey.  All genders welcome. Join the facebook group to find out more. 

Surrey VetSoc Rounders Club

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Surrey VetSoc rugby

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Surrey VetSoc Fitness Club

Whether you just want to go on a group run every week, or you want to push yourself to the limit with interval training both will be available, everyone is welcome! These sessions will be free to anyone wanting to come. Sessions will be run 5-6pm from Tuesday 21st March, with both groups meeting in the vet school atrium. Dress appropriately and don't worry the first few sessions will be very relaxed (ish)! :) Group 1: casual run as a group Group 2: Start and finish with some running. HIIT, intervals, sprints + bodyweight exercises. Join the facebook group to find out more.